I am very passionate about photography and think it's fantastic that new devices like the iPhone running apps such as Instagram have opened it all up to the masses. But, and it's a big but, I hate images that have been completely over processed using all these 'automatic' filters seen in most iOS/Android image apps. In my humble opinion the subject and it's composition are far more important than the fake effects applied to them. Also, these pictures may look kind of cool on you little screen but they don't usually translate very well once you see them at actual size.

Having said that, I do think that smart phone camera's have come a long way and you really can get some cracking images out of them although I would never consider using them professionally as they simply don't cut it. I have included a gallery of pictures taken with a iPhone and iPad to show what is possible with a little thought and creativity.

Professionally I have worked for many clients from pop stars right through to small product photography and sporting events. My passion is more towards landscapes and the natural world but there is little work out there for that kind of thing.

Feel free to have a look through my small selection of sample galleries opposite as well as visiting my Flickr or Shutterfly pages (click the little Flickr or Shutterfly logo in the left hand widget) where you will find all my latest pictures.

Canal Life

Think Blue


The Natural World



iOS Photography

Motor Sports

Product Photography

SLR Video

Most people who are 'in to' photography also like playing around with the moving image too so I was delighted when the latest pro SLR's added video capability to them. When Canon introduced the EOS 5D MK!! the film and photography world went mad with excitement and well known cinematographers started using them on major productions. Why so when there are plenty of top end video cameras out there to use? It's all about depth of field and lenses which added a new dimension for people on a tight budget (although I would not call the EOS cheap and as for the larger lenses....).

I would not claim to be a professional cinematographer by a long chalk but I do enjoy having a play with video (I also do video editing and animation in my professional work). The two small example videos opposite show a little of what the new breed of SLR cameras with video capability can do.

Footnote: Our bands video will be shot using a couple of Canon SLR's so keep an eye out as I will post it up on this site when its been completed.