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My day job is playing with crayons and felt tips - in a virtual sense. I am a graphic designer by trade covering all aspects of design from web sites through to the printed page and everything in between. I have always been a creative type rather than a pen pusher and really enjoy what I do most of the time.

I have pretty much been in this field of work from the very start of my working life having began as an apprentice screen printer/designer. I love all the technology at our disposal because I can pretty much work from anywhere in the world so long as I can plug my laptop in and have a WiFi connection. My favourite place to work is sitting out on the front deck of my narrow boat looking out on to the marina or canal.

Presently I am working freelance as I love the flexibility of managing my own time. Sometimes it's manic, working until the small hours and other times it is meagre and quite worrying! All in all it sort of balances itself out but I do prefer to be busy. One thing I do pride myself in is the service I give to my customers, I will go that extra mile to make people happy. You can check out my professional website by clicking the link below.

I also compose and record music for a living (away from my bands and personal projects) creating soundtracks for video, adverts and web use. I would love more of this type of work but it is quite niche and hard to get new customers. You can hear some of my efforts on the 'my music' page of this website.

A few examples of some of my design work are scattered around below.

Example websites I have created

I create bespoke 'eye catching' websites that stand out from the boring template styled and data driven sites. I hate 'templates' or 'build your own' websites - they suck and cry out 'I am too tight to have a proper site'. The way I look at it is that if a customer thinks so little of their company or project to create a rich, visual experience for their customers then what sort of care are they going to take of me. A website is your shop window to the whole world so it should not be taken lightly.


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